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 NEWS - National Census

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Russia will conduct its first national consensus since 1989 in October 2002.  

The first post-Soviet census will provide new information to statisticians, after two attempts in the last two years were delayed partly because of the cost.

The results will help to reduce errors in estimating the current population of Russia (approx 145m).

The census will take place on 9 October 2002 and will include about 16 questions, covering occupations and income levels.  It is to be drawn up in consultation with various bodies including the United Nations and the International Labour Organisation.

Olga Kryshtanovskaya of the Institute of Applied Politics in Moscow expressed some reservations over the census.  She believes that at a time of growing income differentials, people would be reluctant to provide financial information in spite of guarantees of confidentiality.

In addition, she highlighted a crisis of identification which would make it more difficult for Russians to classify themselves in  accordance with traditional categories such as farmer, labourer  or white-collar worker.



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